Puffit DiscreetVape Blue 512101-BLUE

Puffit: the most discrete vaporizer available!

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Detailed description

Puffit discrete vaporizerIt can't get any more discrete than this tiny, lightweight vaporizer. Measuring barely 10 cm in height and with its robust, super safe casing, the PUFFiT by DiscreetVape can be carried discretely in any coat or jeans pocket without drawing too much attention.

Discrete vaporizer

The whole patented design of the PUFFiT is aimed towards discretion, safety, light weight and userfriendly. Perfect for anyone who wants to have their vaporizer handy anywhere in the world. It heats up in mere seconds, is completely silent, and can be charged with a basic USB cable (included). It works so easy that it takes a little getting used to!

Gold heat chamber

The PUFFiT vaporizer heats up so fast because of its Real Gold herb chamber. In about 20 - 30 seconds the chamber is ready for vaping, after you start up the PUFFiT. The next heating will be much faster because the chamber will then still be warm. One puff of this vaporizer is called a cycle' and on a fully charged battery the PUFFiT should provide you about 30, 40 cycles. When the PUFFiT is not in use for 90 seconds, it automatically shuts off and saves your battery.

Puffit onderdelen en extras

Userfriendly + many, many extras!

The PUFFiT vaporizer is extremely userfriendly. Easy to charge, even easier to use, without too much fuss and complex settings (except the adjustable temperature).

In sharp contrast, the package is filled with extras! The PUFFiT Vaporizer package contains:

  • 1 PUFFiT portable vaporizer (colour: blue)
  • 1 Silicone heat shield
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • User manual
  • 4 Spare screens
  • 1 USB recharge cable
  • 1 Optional 'stir' part (to 'stir' inside the heat chamber with)
  • 3 extra spare hygenic mouth pieces
  • Discrete Vape neoprene carry bag
  • Warranty card

Vape Enhancer Thingy

Temporarily the PUFFiT includes the brand new 'Vape Enhancer Thingy' (we can't help it, they really named it that way) by DiscreetVape. This simply yet ingeniously part, which can be used in a similar way as the 'stir' part, improves heat transfer and vapor production in justabout anything you want to use in your vaporizer. Including when you use the PUFFiT at lower temperature settings. This way you can save your battery!

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